Markdown integration

One of the interesting features of Aurelia 2 is the use of different file types such as Markdown as View along with HTML. To do this, follow the steps below:

Create a skeleton with Webpack as a bundler and add markdown-loader configuration at the end of therules as following:

// webpack.config.js

// ...
module: {
  rules: [
    // ...
    { test: /\.md$/i, use: ['@aurelia/webpack-loader', 'markdown-loader'], exclude: /node_modules/ }
// ...

For this setting to work, you need to install the related package as well.

npm i markdown-loader -D

As a final step, we need to introduce the .md files into the TypeScript so find the resource.d.ts under src folder and append the following code into it.

declare module '*.md' {
  import { IContainer, PartialBindableDefinition } from 'aurelia';
  export const name: string;
  export const template: string;
  export default template;
  export const dependencies: string[];
  export const containerless: boolean | undefined;
  export const bindables: Record<string, PartialBindableDefinition>;
  export const shadowOptions: { mode: 'open' | 'closed' } | undefined;
  export function register(container: IContainer);

Now, you are able to defineMarkdownfiles for your views and use them beside HTML files.

my-app.html or

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