Fetch Client

The @aurelia/fetch-client is a HTTP client for making network requests, designed to integrate seamlessly with Aurelia 2 applications. It is built on top of the Fetch API, providing an easy-to-use and promise-based interface to communicate with RESTful APIs.


The Aurelia Fetch Client comes with a host of features that make it a powerful tool for developers:

  • Fetch API Compliance: Utilizes the native Fetch API, ensuring a standards-compliant requesting mechanism.

  • Fluent and Chainable API: Offers a fluent interface to build requests in a readable and chainable manner.

  • Flexible Interceptors: Interceptors allow for request and response manipulation, enabling tasks such as adding headers, logging, or handling authentication globally.

  • Configurable: Easy to configure with sensible defaults that can be overridden as needed for different request scenarios.

  • Promise-based Workflow: Built around Promises, it provides a streamlined way to handle asynchronous HTTP operations.

Aurelia Fetch Client vs Native Fetch

Compared to the native Fetch API, Aurelia's Fetch Client offers several advantages. It provides a more straightforward configuration process, better default settings for common scenarios, and helper methods that simplify common tasks. For instance, setting default headers or handling JSON data becomes more intuitive with Aurelia's approach.

Configuration Options

The Aurelia Fetch Client supports a variety of configuration options to tailor its behavior to your application's needs. These include setting default headers, base URLs, timeout settings, and more.


Enhance the capabilities of your HTTP requests and responses by using interceptors. This feature allows you to handle various cross-cutting concerns such as logging, authentication, or adding common headers.

Error Handling

Efficient error handling is crucial for a robust application. The Aurelia Fetch Client provides mechanisms for catching and managing errors that may occur during the request lifecycle.

Advanced Usage

For more complex scenarios, the Aurelia Fetch Client supports advanced configurations and use cases, such as creating custom interceptors, managing request retries, and working with various content types.


The @aurelia/fetch-client is a versatile HTTP client that simplifies network communication in Aurelia 2 applications. By leveraging the Fetch API and providing additional features for customization and extensibility, it equips developers with the tools required for efficient and effective API interactions.

For in-depth information on configuration, usage examples, interceptor implementation, and more, please explore the other sections of this documentation.

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