Cordova/Phonegap integration

This guide will demonstrate how to integrate Aurelia 2 with Cordova/PhoneGap for mobile application development.


Ensure you have the following installed:

  • Node.js and npm

  • Cordova CLI: npm install -g cordova

Step 1: Create a Cordova Project

Start by creating a new Cordova project:

cordova create aurelia-cordova com.example.aureliacordova AureliaCordova
cd aurelia-cordova

Step 2: Add Your Target Platform

Add the platforms you are targeting:

cordova platform add android
cordova platform add ios # Only for macOS

Step 3: Create an Aurelia 2 Project

Navigate to the www directory, which Cordova uses for the web application content. You'll want to clear its contents, as we will generate the Aurelia 2 app directly in this directory.

cd www
rm -rf *

Now, use npx makes aurelia with the --here flag to create a new Aurelia 2 project in the current directory without creating an additional folder:

npx makes aurelia --here

Step 4: Configure the Aurelia 2 Project

Configure your Aurelia 2 build process to output the files directly into the www directory. If you are using the default setup with Webpack, you may not need to change anything, as it already outputs to a dist folder inside the current directory. However, review your configuration to ensure it aligns with Cordova's structure.

Step 5: Build the Aurelia 2 Application

Build your Aurelia 2 application. The build process should place the output into the www directory.

# Follow the build steps for your specific Aurelia 2 setup
npm run build

Step 6: Build and Run the Cordova Application

After building your Aurelia application, navigate back to the root directory of your Cordova project. You can now build the Cordova app:

cd ..
cordova build

Run your application on an emulator or a connected device with the following command:

cordova emulate android
# or
cordova run android


You now have an Aurelia 2 application packaged within a Cordova application, ready for mobile deployment. Be sure to utilize Cordova plugins to access native device features and thoroughly test on different devices for performance and user experience.

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